On Demand or Planned DRODE Drive requests:

On Demand Drives

Scheduled/planned Drives

One way

Round Trip

Multiple destinations

Timed Drive (DRODE Driving for a set period of time)

DRODE Pricing:

Pickup and mileage: $25 pickup includes first 30 minutes plus $2.50/mile Hourly: $50 per hour

App will always choose the more favorable pricing whether it is based upon time or mileage driven

App will always charge the rider the rideshare cost of delivering the professional Driver and delivering them to their home base following the DRODE Drive.

Examples of DRODE Services:

Picking up riders and their cars to bring them home because they planned to drive to an event and consume alcoholic beverages. DRODE serves riders who prefer to drive their own vehicle to events and outings, but wish to let loose and enjoy a few drinks and are willing to spend a little extra to ensure both them and their vehicle are returned safely home.

Driving riders and their cars home, when they end up drinking unexpectedly or are just too tired to make the drive DRODE serves riders who finds themselves in a situation where they decide to consume alcohol or similar substances unexpectedly and do not want to leave their car somewhere because they do not want to allow it to be towed or burglarized or they simply do not feel comfortable leaving it alone. Having an on demand chauffeur service allows riders to make more spontaneous decisions and enjoy their free time without stressing over how they will make it home safely with their car.

Driving riders and their cars to work and/or back home DRODE increases the opportunities for riders to work or provide leisure time focusing upon other activities in their automobile rather than their commuting time. Riders will be able to communicate via telephone, texting and messaging. Riders are be able to work on computers and be productive in their commuting time. Riders also benefit from simply the ability to rest, relax or even sleep during commuting time.

Driving riders to desired destinations such as shopping, appointments or outings and events and returning them to their destination of choice DRODE provides safe and luxurious transportation such that the rider does not need to be concerned about a timely transportation to the dentist, doctor, chiropractor, luncheon or even parking and the driver will be available for the rider until the event is completed and they are returned to home or destination of their choice has been completed. Family members can be safely transported and returned home knowing that the riders are dropped off at the door or entryway and not walking through parking lots or dimly lit areas.

Driving riders and their cars for a desired undetermined period of time (not to exceed 8 hours) until the rider decides to terminate the ride at a time and location of the rider’s discretion DRODE provides riders to, on demand, professional driving services in their own luxury automobile for periods of time up to a total of eight hours.

Ensuring riders are comfortable with their drivers DRODE seeks excellence in all Rider experiences. Riders must always feel comfortable with their DRODE drivers driving their car. All DRODE Drivers are carefully selected and vetted professionals. The DRODE rider reviews and selects the DRODE driver most suited for their riding experience. Riders are able to review all of the Driver’s experiences and qualifications, associated star rating, as well as their overall star rating. Riders will also be able to enter the car and photograph of the car they own and include any important details and categories that would require a specific skill set to drive. This insures the DRODE driver meets and exceeds all rider expectations.